Sharing fellowship
Sharing fellowship at our 3rd Sunday “Meet and Greet” gatherings

just an hour of your time…

10:30 am Sunday worship
10:30 am Sunday school (up to age 20)
11:30 am 3rd Sunday “Meet and Greet” gatherings – Join us after church for savory treats and friendly chats.

7:30 pm Wednesday meetings offer inspiring readings from the Bible and Christian Science textbook followed by testimonies of healing.

Enjoy uplifting organ music at all services and professional soloists every Sunday.

First-time visitors are offered free welcome bags.

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Please join us at any of our upcoming services or 3rd Sunday community gatherings!

Inspiration and Spiritual Solutions

Your Daily Lift – 3 minute audio clips
Upcoming Sunday Bible Lessons

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Looking for inspiration on a particular topic?  Select a subject from the list below and enjoy pondering the inspirational messages.


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About Christian Science

What is Christian Science?

Christian Science teaches that God is Love and that we are His beloved children.  It is a church founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866 who explains that “The vital part, the heart and soul of Christian Science is Love.”  Its teachings are based on the life and ministry of Christ Jesus. Read more

What Do Christian Scientists Believe?

Christian Scientists believe in one infinite God who is all and entirely good, and that He is not distant and unknowable, but all-encompassing and always present. Each individual is loved and cared for by God and made in God’s image — spiritual, not material. This understanding replaces sin and disease with harmony and health, peace and inspiration. Read more

Our Church’s Mission

“Jesus established his church and maintained his mission on a spiritual foundation of Christ-healing.”
–Mary Baker Eddy
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Page 136

Sunday School

We welcome your children to our Sunday School…
  • Instruction is based on the spiritual sense of the Bible… Read more
  • Parents give the gift of Bible study and spiritual enlightenment… Read more
  • Classes are for those up to 20 years old and are held during Sunday church services, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Children too young for Sunday School are cared for in our children’s room

What is Sunday School all about?

Teachers introduce spiritual lessons found in the Bible and how these lessons are practical and how youngsters can apply these lessons in day-to-day situations. Classes are arranged by age and facilitated by loving, dedicated, and experienced teachers.
Your children learn how God’s love heals mental and physical problems and harmonizes conflict situations. And they learn how God is the source of true joy and peace of mind. All these lessons help them lead happy, productive lives.

Children up to the age of 20 study the Bible in Sunday School
Children up to the age of 20 study the Bible in Sunday School


Helpful Resources

Christian Science Practitioners…

…are available to talk with you, meet with you, and above all, to pray with you for healing any type of problem.

Need help? Find a practitioner near you

More resources
Reading Room
We offer a sales area, a study room, and a helpful librarian. Here you’ll find a supply of Bibles, Christian Science books and magazines, and music, to borrow or buy. Read more

Our Pastor
The Christian Science church’s universal Pastor is a set of timeless books… The Church of Christ, Scientist, uses as its Pastor the Holy Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy. Read more

Christian Science Publishing Society
Find global information with more than a century of articles and testimonies of healing along with lists of churches and practitioners. Explore more

Weekly Bible Lessons
Bible Lessons are studied all week, discussed in Sunday School classes, and read at Sunday worship services worldwide. View this week’s Bible Lesson topic

Christian Science Magazines
Two magazines provide inspiring articles along with carefully verified testimonies of healing through Christian Science prayerful treatment. The Sentinel is published weekly and includes Bible notes relevant to our weekly Bible lessons. The monthly Journal includes all Christian Science nurses, churches, practitioners, and teachers worldwide.

Christian Science Monitor
Insightful, global coverage of news is accessible in our weekly magazine, on The Christian Science Monitor’s website or mobile site, or through daily news briefings. Newsletters are delivered by email and you can select which topics you’d like to receive. Read more

Our Worship Services

We look forward to welcoming you at one of the services held in our church.

Sunday Services 10:30-11:30 a.m.

The Bible and the Christian Science textbook are our only preachers. The weekly Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson is read as our sermon at all Christian Science churches through the world. The Lesson is comprised of citations relevant to each weekly subject from the Bible and our textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. To learn more see

Other Bible selections and hymns, selected by local “readers” in each church, are included in each Sunday service. Click on the “Sunday Selections” link below or scroll down to view these selections from the Holy Bible (the Scriptures) and the Hymns for Sunday services. For more recent services, a PDF you can view or download contains the full text for Bible readings and hymns.

Recent Sunday Selections, benedictions and hymns:

Christian Science in Morristown, NJ

Fun fact: 26 Bible Lesson-Sermon topics are repeated twice each year and range from “God”, “Love”, and “Life” “Christ Jesus”, “God, Only Cause and Creator”, and, of course, “Christian Science.”
Upcoming Bible Lesson Topics
Wednesday Testimony Meetings 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Wednesday Testimony Meetings are opened with a hymn, then carefully selected passages are read from The Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, on a topic the Reader (elected by the church members) has selected. After these readings, the congregation prays silently and repeats the Lord’s Prayer, followed by another hymn, and notices.

At this point, the meeting is opened up for those present to share experiences, testimonies of healing, or remarks on Christian Science. The hour-long meeting concludes with a hymn and is also available by conference call-in. (Email us at for the phone number and access code).

Click on the “Wednesday Readings” link below to view readings from past testimony meetings. A PDF is available to view or download for more recent services. It contains the full text of all reading citations and hymns.

Recent Wednesday Readings:

Attendees are invited to share accounts of healing through prayer, insights from Bible study, and remarks about Christian Science

Contact Us

Feel free to leave us a voicemail message or drop us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Phone: 973-539-3259


Location and Directions

We are conveniently located on Morris Avenue across from Washington’s Headquarters.  Feel free to stop by and visit one of our services or to shop in our Reading Room.

Our street/mailing address is:

One Morris Avenue
Morristown, NJ  07960

Our address for GPS is:

18 Washington Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

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If you are on 287 Northbound:

Take exit #36A/CR-510 E/Morris Ave onto Morris Ave (CR-510 E). Turn right at end of ramp onto Morris Avenue.  Immediately bear right before statue of George Washington.  Church is on your left, park anywhere on the street.

If you are on 287 Southbound:

Take exit #36/CR-510/Morris Ave/Lafayette Ave/Ridgedale Ave.  Bear left on ramp toward Morris Avenue and get in left lane after merging.  Turn left at light onto Ridgedale Avenue.  Turn left at next light onto Morris.  Go straight through the next light, cross over 287 and bear right just before statue of George Washington.  Church is on your left, park anywhere on the street.

About Us

Historical Sketch and Community Involvement

The turn of the 20th century was an explosive period in the growth of Christian Science and Morristown, New Jersey was no exception.  In 1903 this area caught its “glimpse of glory” when three residents experienced remarkable healings in Christian Science.  A small group met in the home of one of these three to read the Christian Science weekly Bible Lesson.

On January 10, 1906, eleven people met and voted to organize the Christian Science Society of Morristown, New Jersey.

In 1928, the Society, with a membership of sixteen, voted to incorporate as First Church of Christ, Scientist, Morristown, New Jersey.  In addition to local activities, the church was active during World War II as the members of this branch church worked closely with the global Christian Science Wartime Activities Committee.

In 1947, the property at the corner of Morris and Washington Streets, opposite George Washington’s Headquarters, was purchased (see pictures below).  The membership elected to erect a Colonial-style structure that would blend harmoniously with the Headquarters building. This site had been the encampment area for Washington’s personal guard during the winter of 1779-1780.  When ground for the church was broken, historians sifted the excavated soil, but found no mementos of that memorable winter.

The church cornerstone for the current location was laid February 21, 1950, and just six months later, the first services were held. In 1965, an addition increased the size of the Sunday School wing and added a Children’s Room to the structure.  Members and attendees continue to work diligently to maintain the beauty and upkeep of our church home.

Today we remain active in the community through participation in various areas such as the Morristown Clergy Council, donations to the local Interfaith Food Pantry, and participation in the annual Morristown autumn street fairs.

We hope you’ll visit us!

Helpful Resources

Reading Room

Our Reading Room, located in our church building and open after services, is a quiet place for study and learning more about Christian Science.  We offer many products for sale which include The Christian Science Monitor, inspirational music CD’s, Bible Lesson booklets, and pamphlets devoted to timely subjects.  You are also able to borrow publications from our extensive lending library.
Come visit us!

Our Pastor

The Bible
The Bible is at the center of a Christian Scientist’s prayer.  The King James Bible is the version Mary Baker Eddy most frequently used and referenced. Other Bible translations are occasionally used in weekly Bible Lessons and are a valuable tool in personal Bible study.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
The Christian Science textbook, written by Mary Baker Eddy, explains how prayer heals based on the ministry and life of Christ Jesus.  Starting with the first chapter on “Prayer,” her spiritual insights draw you into a deeper way of thinking and teach how to live a more spiritually-centered life by knowing God better.

Click here to access other writings by Mary Baker Eddy

Official Website of the Christian Science Publishing Society
Search specific topics, read articles, listen to podcasts – all on spirituality and spiritual healing.  Search for a Christian Science Practitioner, church, Reading Room or college organization.  To begin your search of click here.

Bible Lesson (weekly)
The Christian Science Bible Lessons are designed to bring comfort and healing and are studied daily by Christian Scientists around the world.  Each Lesson is made up of Bible verses that are explained and complimented by related passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.  The passages can be read directly from the books, or you may find one of the booklets, a podcast, or CD more convenient.  There is also a special edition that includes helpful study notes and ideas that meet the daily needs of teens and young adults.

Find out more and take a look inside each type of booklet and electronic edition by clicking here.

Companion Set of Bible and Eddy’s writings for individual study each day of the weekly Bible Lessons


  • 2/24/2019 - Mind
  • 3/3/2019 - Christ Jesus
  • 3/10/2019 - Man

The Christian Science Monitor (weekly)

Insightful, global coverage of news is accessible in our weekly magazine, on The Christian Science Monitor’s website or mobile site, or through daily news briefings.  Newsletters are delivered by email and you can select which topics you’d like to receive.   According to the Monitor’s founder, Mary Baker Eddy, the Monitor’s mission is: “To injure no man, but to bless all mankind.”

Click here to link to the Monitor’s website.






The Christian Science Journal (monthly)
The Christian Science Journal includes articles which share spiritual insights and healings written by those who faithfully practice Christian Science.  Learn more about how cultivating an ever-increasing understanding of God’s love blesses, enlightens and heals.

Click here to link to the Journal’s website.

The Christian Science Sentinel (weekly)
A weekly publication, the Christian Science Sentinel’s articles and firsthand accounts of healing show in practical terms how Christian Science can bring solutions to any situation. Each edition focuses on a relevant topic such as health, finances, employment, security and relationships.

Learn more about this dynamic weekly publication by clicking here.

Christian Science Practitioners

Christian Science Practitioners are dedicated and experienced Christian Scientists.  They are available to those seeking healing and a more spiritual perspective on life.  They receive payment for their services.  In addition to articles and accounts of healing, the Christian Science Journal contains a worldwide directory of Practitioners.

Visit the online directory by clicking here.

         SEARCH BY:  Person’s name, City name, or Zip Code

 Christian Science Lectures

Public lectures about Christian Science and the life of its Founder are given by experienced practitioners and teachers around the world.  These free lectures explain and illustrate how prayer brings comfort and healing to issues and concerns in individual lives.

Many past lectures are available online – feel free to search for a lecture near you or watch a video of one of these inspiring talks on a wide variety of topics including how to heal sin, sickness, addiction and lack through prayer; finding security in God’s economy; and the brotherhood of man.

Youth Programs

Are you a teen or young adult looking to connect with other spiritual thinkers?  Or maybe you’d like to join a college group, attend a youth spiritual summit meeting, or find a local Sunday School.  Check out videos, blogs and live chats at  It could change your life.

Be sure to check out the special youth-focused version of the weekly Bible Lesson called My Bible Lesson.  Click the “Download myBibleLesson Sample” button to view or download a sample of a prior Bible Lesson. You will see key topics, questions to consider, word definitions and even cartoons!

And click here to start a new spiritual adventure by exploring!

A Deeper Dive

More information about Christian Science is provided on the website of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, our global headquarters, which is also referred to as The Mother Church. Here are a few of the key links

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